Stabilise, Stretch, Shape

Transforming BAU into Excellence





Spending tens of thousands of $ on process maps, change initiatives, remediation and automation solutions only for the promised business benefits to never materialise?

There is another PROVEN way.


Consistency and quality of services are essential components for any business.  When this becomes unpredictable customer complaints and operational costs increase whilst staff culture is impacted.

OpExtion will help you identify the root cause of operational performance issues including culture, behaviour, business processes and technology solutions.  Our insight will help stabilise the services you provide, improve end to end productivity and identify opportunities to automate. 

Our Operational Leadership coaching will also focus on reducing operational risk, help you identify and focus on your strategic objectives and set key performance measures.


Mentoring and Coaching

As a Senior Executive in start-ups, SMEs and leading global Financial Institutions, Dan has over 25 years of experience transforming customer and staff experiences leading teams from 10 to 4,000 people.  

Dan provides a refreshingly honest approach to mentoring and coaching with insights, techniques and approaches that will help you make that next step in your career,  lead through challenges and deal with adversity.  Dan's breadth and depth of business leadership in Technology, Operations, Operational Risk and Board roles will help you and your leadership team achieve high performance, engagement, and personal growth. 

"I didn't get the opportunity to finish school or go to university so I developed techniques and practices to progress my career by continuously outperforming.  I never understood the concept of just delivering BAU or accepting the status quo. Being curious and delivering experiences that customers love has always been a key driver for me."

Dan rapidly progressed his career as a Senior Executive in some of the world's largest banks and is currently a Non-executive Director at a highly successful privately-owned FinTech company.  Dan specialises in mentoring and coaching both new and experienced leaders on dealing with adversity, stakeholder management, strategic thinking, and operational excellence. 

Dan will help you challenge and test your belief systems in a friendly, fun and conversational environment so you feel safe and empowered to challenge and test the boundaries.  

"For things to change, first you must change"

Keynote Speaker

As an Irish-Australian Dan thrives on sharing stories based on his vast experience and engages audiences through fun, facts, and deep insights. 

Topics include:

  1. Stabilize, Stretch and Shape - Transforming BAU into Excellence

  • Leading through Adversity


  • Transforming business processes through people, process and technology

  • Managing Non-Financial Risk through processes, culture and trust

  • Digital isn't the only Disruption


Winning the hearts and minds of the organisation is the difference between managing and leading.

Be the difference.